Tips for a perfect romantic hair style!


I have styled hundreds of bride’s hair over the years. There is something wonderful about being a part of a bride’s special day knowing that this is the one day that they want their hair to look the best it ever has, especially since most women have dreamt of their wedding day since childhood.

One of the most requested styles from brides I receive is a romantic up-do. Generally a romantic style is looser in texture and waves; if hair is worn down it is long and loose with not a tight curl in site. If hair is up it is normally swept up into a wispy chignon, roll, bun or a loose braid. Romantic styles don’t look too structured or weighed down with hair products.

The important thing to remember when having your hair styled in a romantic up-do is that even though it is a looser style, it should still last and look the same at the end of the night. No one wants to look like a birds nest after a couple of dances at the reception lol

Here are a few tips to make sure you have the most romantic hair style possible:

1. Choose a hairdresser who listens to you and is confident in the style you want, you will soon pick up if they know what they are talking about. If a stylist is standing behind you just fiddling with your hair with no creative suggestions or direction then you may want to pretend that you need to go to the bathroom….then run lol

2. Be open to what your stylist says they normally know what suits best, a good one will make you feel at ease and excited about what you have decided on.

3. Take pictures with you to the hairdressers for inspiration, you may like the front of one style and the back of another, and pictures are always helpful when getting your point across.

4. Romantic hair is all about the waves. It is a good idea to get your stylist to do a few different samples of waves eg, hot rollers, hot tongs, 3 tongs and ghd curls/waves, this way you will be sure not to walk out with Shirley Temple curls the day off the wedding lol

5. Shampoo and condition your hair the morning of the wedding, I know I know we have all heard you should shampoo your hair the night before so the hair sits better yada yada yada. The truth is your hair will sit best when it has been freshly shampooed and blow-dried, it also allows the stylist to use more products in your hair to hold it without it looking oily or weighted down. There is the odd head of hair that would benefit from shampooing the night before generally this is really think curly/afro hair. And no matter what, if your hair is fine always shampoo it the morning, no one wants fine hair looking flatter because of oil build up over night!

6. If you are getting married in a warmer climate then you may want to use a humidity proof hairspray, this will stop your hair looking oily or tacky to touch.

7. Flowers, jewels, lace all look gorgeous in romantic up-dos, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them either. I have seen brides use their grandmother’s broach or jewellery pinned into their hair, which not only looks stunning but also acts as something borrowed, and sentimental.

Below are some of the most requested romantic styles that brides ask for, I hope they bring you some inspiration.

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