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I am over the moon excited to feature Jasmine Mansbridge on the blog this month, not only because she is super talented, but also because I went to school with her. I still vaguely remember Jasmine trying to teach me how to draw when we were fourteen. For me it didn’t last long considering I rushed through everything in 10 minutes as opposed to Jasmine spending weeks/months on a project.

I knew back then she was going to go places so it is no surprise to see just how well she is doing; the following is my interview with Jasmine


Firstly Jasmine a HUGE congratulations on winning the Big Hearted Business Scholarship for 2014 – what drew you to enter and how did you choose your direction?


Thank you! I knew of Carla Hackett, who won last year’s BHB scholarship and I really wanted to have a crack this year, the business side of my art is the part I struggle with most and so I thought I could really benefit from being a part of the experience. I subscribed to Clare Bowditches mailing list and when the time came and the scholarship was announced, I pretty much started on my entry straight away. The clip is very raw as I wanted it to convey exactly what my heartfelt. My 14 year old filmed, edited and put music to it and we posted it to you tube the same day without too much thought as to how I looked, sounded etc.. Of course there are many imperfections, but that wasn’t the point!

Your entry was very community centered – what drives your passion for your community?

I guess its because I live here, and I am a big walker and wanderer and so I love to see interesting things, at the moment its pretty sparse visually and I’d like to see that change. I am out of town often and so I see what the community lacks in that area. It is a wonderful place to live though, very affordable and with great resources, but, for creative people there is much that can be done to make our town visually and artistically richer and more appealing.



Where does your inspiration come from?

I find many things inspiring, people and their stories, my own life, I am always trying to make sense of it all, the beauty and the pain. The bittersweet. I love to be outdoors or by the sea. I am a day dreamer and so I am lucky I have plenty of material!

You exhibited in New York in 2013 AMAZING! – tell us about that experience. What did you learn from it?

New York was a great opportunity, it taught me I could extend myself further than I first thought was possible. I think I am more confident after being in New York, I met a lot of different artists and saw a lot of different work. The city itself impacted me visually, I loved the buildings in all shapes and sizes. One day I would like to live there for six months and paint, what a crazy place!


You are about to open your next exhibition in Melbourne at the RTIST Gallery, what can we expect to see in your current collection?

Yes, I have a very nerve racking week ahead! It takes me between 6-12 months to put together an exhibition and so there is a lot of love, blood, sweat and tears in my paintings. The show is titled “The Space Between” and it’s looking at the space between yourself and the world and the experiences that set you apart. The style is more geometric and architectural than my last body of work and more restrained in the colour palette. I didn’t want to do pre sales or anything like that so the first time they will be available will be on opening night, (15th May) they will be up on the Rtist Gallery website and my site the same day.

You have a large family, with four children including toddlers and teenagers, How do you balance it all?

Well you have to be flexible, but not flexible, if you know what I mean! My studio is the old formal dining room in my house, so I work from home. I stick to a pretty rigid painting schedule, usually 8 till midnight during days I have the kids at home, and I then a full day when they are not. When I am close to a deadline I also paint weekends (and every other minute). I treat painting as a job, I do not “wait” for inspiration that way I get a lot done and I feel like it keeps the creative part of me flowing. I have a cleaner come once a week so that I don’t have to feel guilty about that aspect of mothering and I have a really supportive husband who along with my older kids, does his fair share around the house. Most of the times things run pretty smoothly, but, every now and then the wheels come of the wagon (someone is sick etc) and I have to rethink my way of working, i.e being flexible but not being flexible.. It is a very full life, but, I wouldn’t change a thing!


Are any of your children artistic, do they share your passion?

The older girls both play guitar and sing, which is nice as it is a great skill for them to have as an alternative to winding down with technology! I think all the kids are creative in different ways, the youngest is in that drawing everywhere phase and it will be wonderful when she restrains her talents to paper only! I think they take for granted the fact that I am always painting as I have been doing it around them for so long!

What is a typical day like for you?

It is probably easier to describe typical activities in a week as I don’t really have two days the same! here goes;

I make a lot of food (a lot, and I love this aspect of being a mum), I feed chickens, collect eggs, hang out in the garden, drop kids to sports, drop kids to school, kindy and Grandmas house, I go to the gym, walk to town, walk around our local lake, shop for supplies, do washing, have coffee with friends, go to the park, go to Melbourne, check FB, check Instagram, check emails, give hugs, give cuddles, give advice, I talk on the phone, get teenagers out of bed, try and get toddlers to bed, brush small peoples teeth, say I love you 100 times a day, I paint, I listen to podcasts and audio books, I write, I read bed time stories, sing songs, sort out arguments, do paperwork, I have cups of tea in the studio, laugh with my husband about our days, I visit friends…. blah blah blah.. Hard work, but, goodness I have a blessed life..!


Your year has already been quite impressive, where to from here?

On the painting front I have some commission pieces to start, including one for a mural, I am also involved in a couple of other projects.. I kind of just let things unfold so I will just take the rest of the year as it comes. On a personal note my oldest daughter is finishing year twelve so I want to be able to be around to support her with that, and, I am expecting another baby at the end of the year which is very exciting.

Do you have an “ultimate” goal for your career?

To have my paintings in the NGV and to do a design collaboration with Gorman. I also want to do a three month overseas residency and take my family with me. Those three things would be ace.

If you could go back and give the 17yo artist any advice for the future, what would you say?

You are going to be okay and that making a life around painting can be done…

What are you currently listening to in your ipod?

Serge Gainsbourg- thanks to “Sophie the Stylist” for introducing me to this guy via spotify!

Your favourite holiday destination?

I would love to take the family to the South of France, or Tokyo, these two experiences would be so very different.. I would love to get a residency to do either, or a sponsor!

Fashion item you can’t live without?

Lately I have lived in a pair of gold hobes, they are made by a Melbourne based girl and they are so so comfy, but, the gold means they are also a bit fancy! She’s overseas in New York at the moment doing great things


And lastly how can we purchase one of your pieces?


They can contact Sarah from the Rtist Gallery or come along to my opening 15 may, 27 ST Edmonds road, Prahran, and if they do come along to be sure you come say hi and let me know you read this interview!

You can also follow Jasmine on social media here:






Thank you Jasmine for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. We are excited to see what is in store for you in the future! joe



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