Why You Should Wash New Clothes!

You are so excited to wear that gorg dress you bought for your night out with the girls!! Hold that thought for just one sec…if you knew that dress wasn’t as clean as it looks and that it could actually cause you harm would you still wear it?!?

Philip Tierno, Ph.D. director of Microbiology and Immunology at New York University, discovered some alarming information about the clothing that we purchase from the store, thinking that they’re clean. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why we should wash the items that we purchase before wearing them, one of them being chemicals. Depending on what country your new clothes were made in, they may contain a multitude of chemicals. Azo-aniline dyes, can cause skin reactions from itchiness to rashes and hives, and were found on the clothes Dr. Tierno tested. So for those of you who have sensitive skin this should definitely be a concern for you!

Formaldehyde resin is also used by clothing manufacturers to limit mildew and wrinkling. It is a known carcinogen and has been linked to eczema and other skin issues.

What’s even more yucky is what those new clothes can pick up on the stores themselves!

Tierno tested pants, shirts, underwear, jackets and other items purchased from chain clothing stores. The tests revealed a number of disgusting compounds on those “new” clothes….spit, skin cells, yeast (ewwwww!!!) and fecal matter (double ewwww!!!) Even lice and scabies could potentially be transmitted onto the clothes that we’re trying on. Is it likely? No. but definitely a possibility.

wash your new clothes




So the big question is what can you do to protect yourself from these chemicals and other nasty ahemm….stuff??

  1. Ensure that your clothes are washed at least once, preferably twice, before wearing them
  2. When trying on clothes keep your own clothes on when feasible.
  3. Buy organic clothing when possible, this is better for you and the environment.
  4. If the garment you purchased cannot be washed, throw it the dryer on a hot cycle before wearing it.
  5. Wash your hands after shopping! This will remove any chemicals or germs that may have been on clothing.

Happy Shopping!!


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