As a mum you’re likely to frequent the grocery store more than the dance floor these days, but that doesn’t mean you have to make the style switch from designer to dowdy. Keep your fashion mojo with Bombshell Central’s style tips.
Money can’t buy style and you definitely don’t need to spend a lot to look good. The key here is to invest in affordable but quality pieces from chain stores such as Country Road, Witchery and Seed Heritage. Shops like these stock affordable, quality fashion which is on-trend and will often last a few seasons. Look for shorts or pants in comfortable, stretchy fabrics and classic shapes (denim is always a winner!), and tops or jumpers that won’t stretch after a few washes.
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Knowing your personal style and what flatters your body will help to keep your style in check. Stock your wardrobe with what works and get rid of anything that doesn’t! Always have a few fallback looks on hand to keep your style in check when you’re short on time. Keep it basic, flattering and don’t forget to ACCESSORISE!
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It almost sounds too easy, and that’s because it is! Update your basic jeans and tee combo with seasonal trends – think a leopard print scarf, bright block colour bag, oversized sunnies or pointed flats. You’d be surprised where you can find these – try Sportsgirl, Collette and even Target. Accessories can make an outfit so don’t underestimate their impact!
Each season you may buy a few on-trend pieces to add to your wardrobe basics. This is an easy and cheap way to stay fashionable and works best if your capsule wardrobe is built from classic, good quality pieces. It’s never too late to stock this basic wardrobe. The best way to start is to cull all those pieces you’ve been hanging onto for years – you know the ones: those jeans hanging in your closet just in case you get your pre-baby booty back, or that beaded top that’s so old that one day soon it’ll be classed as “vintage”. Our tip: if you haven’t worn if in a year, bin it. Be ruthless! As you sock your closet with classic items, you’ll find it much easier and quicker to throw on a look that works in the early-morning rush!
CHEAT SHEET: Our top tips to be that Mum with style.
– Jeans are a wardrobe essential. Spend time (and money if need be!) finding a style that best suits your body shape.
– Functional fashion should be your mantra. If it can’t be worn to a play date then question the amount of wear certain pieces will get before spending too much.
– Play around with colour. Sometimes it’s all you need to brighten your day!
– Even if your day’s task list looks mundane, that doesn’t mean your outfit has to match! Dress up to feel and look good, even if your only outing will be the local shops on your way back from the school run.
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