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Spring is here so it’s time to detox, right? Well yes, but for now we’re not talking juice cleanses and bikram yoga. A new season means a new excuse to go shopping – so before you do, put your wardrobe through a process of elimination and find some space for those new season arrivals.

First up, you need to sort through your clothes and sort them into three piles:

KEEP anything that is timeless, in great condition, gets plenty of wear, fits and flatters you. These items form the basis of your wardrobe and define your personal style.

THROW out any item that you haven’t worn in over a year. Be brutal. Try to avoid holding onto clothes for sentimental reasons – like the halter top from your first date with your man five years ago, or those cowboy boots you wore to death in your early twenties! Sadly, their time has come. Also get rid of any items that are broken, stained or out of shape – if you don’t plan to fix them now, then chances are you’ll never get around to it.

STORE any items that are out of season like winter coats, scarves and boots, or clothes and accessories that are off trend but will have their time to shine again in the future – but before you do, make sure they are good quality! Anything from a chain store can easily be replaced, so it isn’t worth it. Also store away items that you don’t wear too often such as formal dresses and seasonal/holiday gear – they are all just taking up valuable space!

MAYBE PILE. Hopefully you haven’t got one, but if there are a few items that you just can’t decide what to do with, then put this pile in storage for six months to a year. Out of sight, out of mind! When you pull it out, see if anything was missed. If the answer is no, then it’s time to go! If you rediscover something and can’t wait to wear it again then it was meant to be!

Now you’re ready to shop, right? ALMOST! Before you pull out your shopping shoes, take a look through your newly streamlined wardrobe:

– Do a quick stocktake of what you have and what you like to wear the most, and then shop with these items in mind. They are the tried and tested items that work for you, your style and your shape. Look for new styles of similar items to avoid buying anything that will eventually find itself in the THROW pile.

– Figure out what is missing from your closet and what you already have enough of. Fill in the gaps and make a mental note to stay away from those pieces you tend to buy all the time. Although you can never really have too many white t-shirts, can you?!

– Look at the colours and patterns that you like and think about what will match. Remember, this is your base wardrobe and your aim is to build on this.

Now with that in mind, it’s time to shop!!

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