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So many celebrities have already stepped out with hair makeovers this year. A new hairstyle can be scary so it is inspiring to see women that have the courage to go all out and change the way they look.  We encourage you to embrace your inner bombshell and try something new. We hope the following styles inspire you.

Bombshells Tip – When going for a drastic change, make sure you visit a stylist who gets what you want, take photos as references and be open to their suggestions. A good stylist will know what style will suit you best!


Jennifer Lawrence swapped her long caramel hair for a short blonde style with textured layers. Jens new look is classy and we think it is perfect for her face shape. We now see Jen has since changed her hair back to long and dark for her Hunger Games role. There is not much that doesn’t suit this Oscar winning beauty!

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Kim dyed her hair lighter after giving birth to North in 2013. This lighter look saw Kim taking a more natural approach to her hair and makeup. Fast forward six months and Kim has coloured her hair back dark with chestnut highlights combined with choppy shorter layers we think she looks gorgeous!

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Margot Robbie stepped out on biggest night in Hollywood – the Oscars to debut her new dark chocolate hair. Going from super light to dark can be a risk, but in Margot’s case it paid off. Margot dyed her locks dark for a new role. We think it is stunning, then again this gorgeous beauty can pull anything off.

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Nicole Ritchie debuted her new lavender hair colour on March 3. Unlike Margot Robbie who died her hair for a movie role, Nicole wanted to try something completely different, which is why she opted for the pastel shade. This was a daring choice which we think paid off.

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Rock chick Ashlee Simpson opted to change her stunning deep red long locks, for this cropped bright blonde pixie cut. We think Ashlee can do no wrong when it comes to hair colour, what do you think?

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Brit shocked her fans back in February when she changed her trademark blonde locks for a deep brown. We think she looks super sophisticated and classy, clearly she can rock both colours!

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We would love to hear if you plan on or have changed your hairstyle in 2014. Please comment below and let us know what new look you will be rocking this year!


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