Hot New Jewellery From Gypsy Dreamers!

Ok so I admit it I am a necklace junkie, last count I had just under 400 statement pieces lol I cant help it most women like shoes  I love necklaces. So you can imagine my excitement  when I received one of these gorgeous Gypsy Dreamer necklaces in the mail. gyppp I fell in love pretty much straight away (it helped that the necklace was blue, my favorite colour). I found the quality good and it even has a little “made with love” charm at the back or the necklace, which is a nice touch. What I noticed the most was how comfortable it was to wear, some necklaces can feel a little heavy, spiky or even itchy, I know as I suffer through them daily lol. In my opinion Gypsy Dreamers is right on trend with their boho inspired pieces. They come in loads of colours and styles and are really well priced. I definitely will be adding a few more to my collection, I am already eyeing of a turquoise one, hubby better hide the credit card lol If you would like to order one for yourself you can check them out here: You can also follow them on Instagram here: @gypsydreamers_ gyyyyyyyyyy

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